Awnings are a stylish and practical solution in your home/garden space for enjoying more comfort whilst making the best of outdoor living.

All our awnings are high quality and made from durable materials. There is also a lot of customisable options when it comes to your awnings to perfectly suit your tastes and home as required.

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Put simply: the main differences between models include:

-Construction and materials: Some models have a higher specification then others
-Cassette: A cassette is the tube where the awning fabric can be rolled up into.
-There could be no cassette and the awning is more exposed to the elements,
-A half cassette will protect the top part of the awning fabric
-A full cassette will provide complete covering for the awning fabric
-Installation: Some awnings require a more difficult installation than others

Australia is perfect for big terraces. Simple construction and high-quality workmanship make it suitable for commercial applications. The awnings folding... More 

Dakar is the perfect solution for shading large terraces. A full streamlined cassette gives the awning a modern and elegant look and also protects the... More 

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Jamaica combines elegance and strength. Its construction provides high durability under intensive use. It is therefore the perfect choice for big terraces... More 

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Palladio is an elegant cassette awning that looks excellent on terraces. The special arm bracket construction enables lifting the arms and closing the... More 

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Silver Plus has a light construction, which makes it a very economic solution for shading terraces and balconies of medium size. Folding arms of special... More