Carports are a perfect solution to keep your beloved vehicles protected from the Irish elements. They are more cost effective and require less space than a garage.

Why buy a carport from Awnings Ireland?

We are specialists in outdoor products, and and whilst these come flat pack for self installation the option is also available to have it professionally installed by our friendly team.

Our products are made from high quality materials made to last longer. There are different options according to your needs and budget.

Most of our carports are customisable with different sizes available, colours and roof material choice.

 All our carports are made from laminated wood which has many benefits:

-Glue works effectively with laminated wood, making it possible to obtain larger cross-sections and lengths
-The canopy structure has greater strength and stability

-Laminated wood allows for a little more flexibility which prevents cracking

-It is easier and faster to install

-Wood does not swell and deform

-The structure has a higher fire resistance

-It is more resistant to moisture and harsh environments 

Self Installation: The set includes everything you need to bolt the structure together and attach it to the base.